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Lease Review Service $225.00

A written summary of the major points of the lease and highlights or anything requiring your attention.
Confirmation of the owners name
Pre-foreclosure notice report to ensure the unit is in good standing
Provided within 2 business days
Performed by a real estate/relocation professional

Lease reviews are provided as guidance outlining terms and best practices. They are not deemed as a final legal review. Should there be something of concern, please consult an attorney.


If your rental is not listed with a property managment company or Realtor, verify:

  • There are no liens or back-taxes on the property.
  • The person you're working with is the owner.

This can be done in some areas for free at You can do this for a minimal fee at Because scam artists can also see who the owner of the property is and assume that person's name, be sure to ask the owner for a photo ID to ensure that the person you're working with is who he/she says he is.